Parfums De Coeur

Bod Man Fresh Blue Musk by Parfums De Coeur Body Spray 8 oz (Men)


This Bod Man Fresh Blue Musk Body Spray is a warm scent with hints of sweetness. Those around you will come closer just to experience the scent. it is a wonderful blend of creamy woods and luscious musk. This Masculine and Strong-Spirited Scent opens fresh and light with notes of mandarin, geranium, and a clean spice accord.

These Parfums De Coeur Fragrances and Body Spray are created with care and quality ingredients. It will wrap you up in its warmth with hints of sweetness. As the scent evolves, the background dries down warm and creamy with masculine woods and musks. This De Coeur Body Spray For Men is long-lasting, intoxicating, and totally irresistible.

  • Body Spray 8.0 Oz
  • 236 Ml by Parfums De Coeur

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